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As the Patient Co-ordinator, I am here to guide our new patients through the initial stages of braces. I am here to answer any questions patients have about the braces, length of treatment, payment plans, or more!

I am so excited to join the Newpark Clinic team! I absolutely love the office and the Blackrock area and I find everyone is just so friendly. My role as the Patient Co-ordinator is so important to new patients visiting our clinic.

I am here to guide our new patients through the initial stages of braces. Whether they have questions about which brace to choose, how to clean the braces, how to make payments or about our monthly payment plans – I am here for them.

At a consultation, I welcome new patients to the clinic and walk them through their appointment with our Orthodontist, Dr O’Donnell. I also give detailed information on each brace and our payment plans. After the consultation, I am available for any questions or concerns our new patients may have.

My favourite part of my day is meeting new people. Once I bring patients into our relaxed environment, everyone is instantly put at ease and I even have a laugh with the kids. I also enjoy helping patients select which brace option is best for them. Every patient’s teeth and life are so different, so it’s important for me to help them choose which option suits best. At the end of the day, I care for our patients how I would like my own family to be treated, with understanding and exceptional service.

I see new patients for consultations on Monday – Thursday on mornings, afternoons and evenings. If you would like to reserve a consultation you can contact reception at (01) 210 4588 or

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