Choosing The Right Braces Provider

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Making the decision to undergo orthodontic braces treatment is an important life decision and choosing the right provider is just as important. The perfection of your new smile will rest in the hands of your chosen orthodontist. We understand the difficulty and importance of this process, so we have listed some key points to keep in mind.


Dentist vs. Orthodontist

Both have degrees in dentistry, but Specialist Orthodontists undergo an additional 2-3 years (full-time) in an accredited orthodontic course. This specialty course focuses on the specific treatment of irregularities of the teeth and facial structure.

Word of Mouth

This is a great way to receive information about different practices. Ask a friend or family member which clinic they had orthodontic braces with. Also ask your dentist for their orthodontist of choice. Today, “word of mouth” is the new online review. Make sure to find a practice’s Google (and Google+), Facebook and Yelp reviews to read personal stories and opinions from their patients.


Orthodontic Techniques

Keep in mind if you are visiting many orthodontists, their proposed treatment plans and techniques may differ. There may be different ways to treat the same problem.


Braces Cost

When comparing orthodontic braces’ fees, look carefully at the services included in the price. Some practices charge separately for different parts of treatment while others give one comprehensive fee. Also, enquire about possible hidden fees and their payment plans.


Orthodontist Fit

Lastly, make sure the orthodontist’s and your personalities are compatible. Make sure you feel comfortable in the clinic’s environment and the support  staff. You may be with a clinic for  2-4 years including the braces treatment and the aftercare, so you want to be sure you are happy with a practice.


After taking all these points into consideration, we hope the decision for finding the right brace provider will be easy. Many of these factors can only be determined during the consultation appointment. Here at Newpark Clinic, we offer FREE consultations for braces.

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