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December 2017

Ceramic Braces Special Offer (past offer)

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We are happy to announce our special on ceramic braces (a.k.a. white or tooth-colour braces) during the month of March! See below, what comes with Newpark Clinic’s ceramic braces:

Free consultation  |  €300 discount  |  Free teeth whitening  |  Free hygienist cleaning

Ceramic braces are white in colour, blending into your tooth’s natural shade, making them discreet and less noticeable than metal braces. They are suitable for most ages, but are most popular with adults and teenagers. The braces consist of small, square brackets that are made from a ceramic (white) material, a white colour wire running through the brackets and tiny white elastic ties holding the wire in place. All 3 of these elements ensure the discreteness of the brace and the improvement of your smile!

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