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June 2017

Eat Your Vegetables Day

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Today, June 17th, 2017 is Eat Your Vegetables Day

Our infographic below gives tips on how to enjoy crunchy vegetables even if you have braces. Hard, crunchy and sticky foods can damage braces, so we advise our patients to learn what foods to avoid with wire braces. See how to enjoy your veg while progressing through your orthodontic treatment.


Eating vegetables is an essential part to everyone’s diet, but they very often get in the way of braces (literally). If individuals with braces are not careful, crunchy vegetables can get caught in, or worse, break the braces. So, here are some tips on how to eat veggies and to keep your braces safe!



It’s important to avoid biting into hard or crunchy (usually raw) vegetables like carrots, celery, corn, peppers, cucumbers/pickles, etc. Biting into these may break a bracket or wire.


Cut It Up

You can still enjoy crunchy vegetables! Just cut the food into bite-sized pieces so they can easily be chewed by the back teeth (avoiding the braces). For corn, simply cut it off the cob!


Steam Or Stir Fry

Steaming or stir frying vegetables is a quick and easy way to cook a brace-friendly dish. By making them less crunchy, it ensures less damages to the braces.



Now that summer is here, grilling is a great way to cook and to enjoy the sunshine! Grilled vegetables are great and easy on braces as well.


Brush And Floss

Some vegetables may get stuck between teeth or in the braces. It is important to brush after each meal and floss everyday. There are specialty brushes and floss for braces to get in those hard to reach areas.


Call Your Practice

Want to know more tips about your diet and braces? Or you think you may have broken your brace on a tasty piece of corn? Ring your Orthodontist today! Our patients can reach us at (01) 210 4588 or email