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January 2016

A Step by Step Resolution to Your Skin

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We all know how our New Year’s resolutions go…

the commercials and advertisements will push you to exercise and diet with their drop dead gorgeous models plastering “it’s a new year, new you!” But, almost as soon as the fantasies of buying a gym membership and feeding the family organic, farm raised dinners flood our minds, they rush out as soon as the bustling day to day routine starts in. 

This year, we ask you take control of 2016 by reining it all in! Let’s start by making a resolution to yourself, not to anyone or anything else. Your most important asset is your skin; it’s what everyone sees first including yourself each morning and can give you such confidence when it looks good. Improving your skin can also improve other aspects of your health and life. By taking 9 baby steps this year, they can help you not only achieve great skin but also a great 2016!  

(Now there is no “right” order to these, take them as you will. Don’t feel the need to rush either, let yourself enjoy the holiday season.)

1. Drinking More Water


We can start with something I know you all can do, drink more water! It is amazing how the simplest of nature can do so much for us! By drinking more water, skin will become more hydrated, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles! Drinking more water also has other benefits such as maintaining digestion, improving circulation and enhancing kidney functions.

2. Sun Protection


A tan is a scar; a scary thought, but one that is all too real. Spending too much time in the sun without proper sun cream and other protection can leave your skin with wrinkles, creases, sagging areas, uneven pigmentation, spots and may even increase your risk of cancer.

Applying at least 30 SPF sun cream every day (along with your moisturiser) is key to skin protection from the harsh UV rays. If exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, apply sun cream as often as women would touch up their make up each day, about every 2 hours or so.

3. Quality Products


We never like to put ourselves first, it’s always the children, family, or work, but when it comes to your skin you really need to take care of yourself. You only get one body, so you have to treat it well and trust me, it shows when proper TLC is lacking. Sometimes, the products you get at the chemist just simply do not do the job because they are typically not medical grade products, making real results hard to come by. Spending a little more on quality skin care products will show amazing results!  

I recommend one of the top organic and natural skin care lines in France called Phyt’s. Created from essential oils, herbs, vegetal oils, natural minerals, natural vitamins and proteins, Phyt’s produces outstanding results in perfecting complexion. Phyt’s is not sold at the chemist and is only available through certified clinics (including Newpark Clinic).

4. Do Not Smoke


Putting out that cigarette can lift your skin to a healthier looking state. Smoking not only has great effects on your internal health, but also effects your exterior appearance. Smoking decreases the size of blood vessels, minimising blood flow and also damages your skin’s collagen and elastin. As a result, wrinkles form around the face and leaves your skin dehydrated. To find methods of quitting smoking, consult your physician.

5. Reduce Stress


As we’ve all been told before, stress can bring great strain to our lives and personal health. I know it sounds almost impossible and you are probably thinking “getting rid of all my stress in one year, yeah right.” Stop, because you can reduce the stress in your life by taking little bites off the big bad apple and not trying to eat the whole thing in one bite.

Along with the sleepless nights, headaches and nail biting, stress causes breakouts and other skin problems. You can combat the stresses of work, school, and home life by getting regular exercise, reaching out and talking to a family member, friend or colleague, learning to cut out unnecessary stresses, and making more time for enjoyable activities and relaxation. 

6. Exfoliate


Weekly exfoliation removes dead skin cells, stimulates skin cell regrowth and improves the overall complexion and look of your skin by adding a “glowing” appearance. Over the counter exfoliation creams can help you get close to that glowing look, but to really enhance your skin’s appearance, clinical exfoliation treatments have amazing results with minimal downtime.  

For a limited time, Newpark Clinic will have the new 4-in-1 exfoliating treatment from Pollogen’s GeneO+ technology! Not only does it exfoliate the outer layer of skin, but it also cleanses the skin, infuses it with nutrients, brightens or rejuvenates (based on patient’s preference) and tightens collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Traditional exfoliation techniques only work on the skin surface and fails to resolve the deeper skin issues such as wrinkles and acne scars, but the non-invasive GeneO+ treatments are able to pull out those hard to reach areas. Newpark Clinic’s other non-invasive, clinical treatments can also reduce those stubborn and deep seeded skin issues such as acne scars, age spots, stretch marks, crows feet, wrinkles, fine lines and jowls (discussed later on).

7. Alter Your Diet


Every New Years we all find ourselves making the promise to eat better, but we end up leaving that promise empty and our bellies full. In all serious though, there are just no cheats or cuts around this. Eating more fruits, veg, whole grains, and leaner proteins while eating less processed foods will increase your health and skin. You can start by adding two “healthy” days a week, then move up to every other day, then just indulging yourself on the weekends. When your body feels good on the inside, it will feel good on the outside as well!

8. Consult A Therapist 


Some skin issues are more than skin deep and may require a friendly chat with a therapist or an in-depth talk to determine what is best for your body. It’s important to keep up with your skin’s health and to not let any possible problems worsen. Make time for yourself this year and treat your body right by receiving the best possible advice and care. Newpark Clinic’s clinician, Siobhán, is available at (01) 210 4588 to discuss our aesthetic skin treatments and what would suit your face and body.

9. New, Noninvasive Skin Treatments for the Entire Body and Face


The last baby step for taking on 2016 is to take some much needed time for yourself and see what new technology is on the market to aid weight loss, tone, rejuvenate and improve your skin!

Putting your best face forward can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (3 treatments with Newpark Clinic). The new Surgen technology from Pollogen pulls out wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age spots, laughter lines and crows feet and volumises the face giving a “mini face lift” effect. It works by triggering your body’s own natural healing powers, stimulating the regeneration of your skin’s collagen and elastin, smoothes the complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes and scars. Its plumping results are often compared to Botox, but avoids the fillers, toxins, and large needles leaving your face with a softer, fuller and more toned appearance. Newpark Clinic recommends 3-6 treatments for optimal results.

Is the whole “exercising” thing not realistic for you? Not to worry in the year 2016! Newpark Clinic has recently upgraded the Lipofirm Pro machine! This non-invasive treatment targets fat cells of the body to reduces the appearance of cellulite, mummy tummies, love handles and other loose body skin. After each session you are expected to lose between 1-2 inches from your waist! It works by squeezing the muscle and dermis layers together to stimulate muscle contraction (ones you would get from exercising). This breaks down the fat cells and your body disposes of them naturally. Best of all, no exercise required, but if you do pair the treatments with 30 minutes of exercise each day, the results will be astounding! Newpark Clinic recommends 3-6 treatments for optimal results.

Get this though, Newpark Clinic is the only clinic who offers these two treatments in the Republic of Ireland!

To learn more about our aesthetic skin care treatments go to our Skin Clinic page or call (01) 210 4588.

– Celeste 
Newpark Clinic Staff